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Identify music in 1 tap

Launch SongCatcher, hold up your phone or hum, sing or whistle and let the magic happen!

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Identify all music around you in 1 tap
Identify music with SongCatcher

What's the name of this song?

Heard something you like at a party, during a movie or in the car? Grab your phone and launch SongCatcher to identify the song, so you can add it to your favorites.

Hum, sing and more...

Have a song stuck in your head and don't know the name? SongCatcher goes beyond recognizing music playing around you. It can also identify what you hum, sing or whistle - No need for perfect pitch!

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SongCatcher is just a tap away

  • Add a widget to your homescreen for easy access (for iOS users only).
  • Discover SongCatcher on the Search tab of your mobile app.
  • Long press on the Deezer app icon to launch SongCatcher.
SongCatcher intelligence

Top songs of the month

Discover our list of top SongCatcher songs identified this month.

The power of music recognition

Every song is unique and has its own audio fingerprint. SongCatcher samples the audio it hears and compares it to the fingerprints of millions of tracks and finds the right match.

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