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Access song lyrics in one tap to enjoy by yourself or with friends.

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Sing along with lyrics

Song lyrics are only 1 click away

Discover the lyrics on the player and get the words right every time.

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Translated lyrics

Discover translated lyrics

Want to know what your favorite lyrics mean? Follow along as you enjoy a translated version of the songs you love.

Lyrics across all your devices

On your own or with friends? From your phone to your TV screen, enjoy your favorite lyrics!

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Karaoke in 3,2,1...

Discover karaoke playlists created by our music experts to help you find the right song for a perfect night.

Karaoke Hits

Karaoke Hits

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Let music do the talking by sharing lyrics on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Stories.

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Share lyrics on social media

Find a song by its lyrics

Don't remember the name of a song? Simply search by song lyrics to discover the title you're after.


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