Deezer Family

Deezer Family

More accounts. More choices.

1 month free then $14.99/month. Cancel anytime.*


Why choose Deezer Family?

6 individual accounts

Get 6 individual accounts on your family music plan for each unique listener to discover their own playlists, favorites and Flow.

Save on Deezer Premium

Play music for the whole family for less than the price of two Deezer Premium plans.

Kid profiles

Keep control of what your child is listening to, while they enjoy the best kid-friendly content on the Deezer Family account.

Deezer Premium benefits

Listen without limits — play any track, anytime with no ads, and listen offline.

Cross-device listening

Connect up to 13 devices across phones, desktops, home smart speakers and more.

Tailor-made features

Enjoy SongCatcher, Flow and Lyrics across all 6 accounts with your Deezer family music plan.

maman Mom

Jazz mode: on

maman Daughter

K-pop mode: on

maman Dad

Rock mode: on

maman Mom

Jazz mode: on

Save more. Live more.

Enjoy unlimited music across 6 accounts for $14.99. With features like ad-free music and offline listening you can give your life the soundtrack it deserves.


Save money




Listen offline

6 individual accounts — listen in your own way.

Discover the music you love through playlists, favorites and Flow. You can listen simultaneously on all devices, so everyone can enjoy their own music.

Mix all the family favorites.

Family time is quality time. Launch the Family mix for a shuffled selection of favorite tracks from every account. Perfect for your next road trip.

Mix family Mix family Mix family

Kid content made easy.

Set up kids-only profiles to make sure the content is suitable for little ears. Take control while keeping the kids entertained with a selection of age-appropriate lullabies and tween tracks just for them.

Activate Deezer Kids

Music picks for under-12

Hide explicit content instantly.

Don't want to see or hear explicit content? Our explicit content filters let you remove explicit content from recommendations or hide it completely. The choice is yours.

Hide explicit content

Explicit content won't be recommended, playable or searchable

Lyrics to sing along.

Turn your living room into a karaoke stage. Sing along to your favorite songs with Lyrics and let your talent shine!

Music to match your family rhythm.

Switch between phones, tablets or laptops, or sync to a wide range of home devices and game consoles.

Use voice commands to control music with Amazon Alexa, or switch between accounts on any Google Home device.

Heading out? Seamlessly connect your smartwatch or car system with your account to take your music on the go.


Google Home

Amazon Alexa

Apple Watch


Android TV

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I already have a Deezer Premium account. Do I need to create a second account for Deezer Family?

No, you can upgrade to Deezer Family in the Manage my subscription section of your account settings. All your favorites and downloaded content will also be saved when you upgrade your plan.

We already have two or more Deezer accounts in our household. Can I merge all our favorites into one account?

Yes. You'll need to set up your Deezer Family account from one of your existing subscriptions, which will allow you to add 5 additional members. Your favorites, and the members that you have invited, will be automatically transferred.

Can I have Deezer Family benefits on my Deezer HiFi plan?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to combine plans at this time. You can only have one subscription per Deezer account.

How many devices can be paired to one Deezer Family account?

You can pair a total of 13 devices across all Deezer Family accounts. The Admin account can be linked to 3 connected devices. Each additional account can be paired with up to 2 devices.

What is the difference between an independent account and a profile on the Deezer Family plan?

Independent accounts are invited by the Admin and after joining have their own private login credentials.
Profiles are created from the Admin account and use the same login credentials as them.
You can add a total of 5 independent accounts and profiles on a Deezer Family plan.

How do I add members to my Deezer Family plan?

To create a profile, open your settings, select Add a member, then Create a profile. Fill in the profile details, and complete the process.
To add independent accounts to your plan, follow the same steps, but after Add a member click Send an invite. Once they accept the invitation to join your plan, independent accounts can use their existing Deezer account credentials to log in and be added to the Deezer Family plan. They also have the option to create a new Deezer account, if they didn't have one before receiving the invite.

Deezer Family

More profiles. More choices.

1 month free then $14.99/month. Cancel anytime.*

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