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EXTREME METAL WORKOUT | THE ROCK WORKOUT - The best Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Metalcore & Hard Rock for your Training, Bodybuilding or Running Session in the Gym or at Home!

Playlist Tracks

The Faceless Kill The Lights 04:41
Enter Sandman (Remastered) Metallica 05:31
SLEEPS SOCIETY While She Sleeps 03:21
Angel Of Death Slayer 04:51
Mindreader A Day To Remember 02:53
Peacemaker Scorpions 02:56
Holy Wars...The Punishment Due (Remastered) Megadeth 06:32
Du hast Rammstein 03:54
Dead From The Start Kill The Lights 03:22
Lost In The Grandeur Korn 03:50
Stitches Bullet For My Valentine 05:01
We’ll Be Back Megadeth 04:29
Twenties Ghost 03:46
The Devil You Know Stone Broken 03:28
Better Late Than Never Saint Asonia 03:31
Leech Seether 03:50
Zick Zack Rammstein 04:04
Drag Me Through Hell Shining 03:26


Bring Me The Horizon 03:53
For Whom The Bell Tolls (Remastered) Metallica 05:09
Killer Cage Fight 03:16
Angst Rammstein 03:44
The Cycle Of Violence: Chapter 1 Varials 02:38
Inglorious Darkness Crematory 03:55
A Warrior's Call Volbeat 04:23
Zeit Rammstein 05:21
Saturation (Strange Love) Grey Daze 03:55
EYE TO EYE While She Sleeps 03:53
Shine Don't Fade Cage Fight 03:14
Black Sunrise Stone Broken 03:23