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The indie rock band Edward Sharpe
and the Magnetic Zeros began in the late 2000s when Ima Robot’s lead singer
Alex Ebert suffered an existential crisis and created a story about a flawed spiritual
leader named Edward Sharpe. He hooked up with singer Jade Castrinos, and they
became part of an arts community from which the band started to take shape. Swelling
to over ten members, the group’s first public performance came in 2009. That
same year they recorded their debut album, Up from Below, which went to
number 13 on the Indie album chart, and topped out at 76 on the regular album
chart. Their unique combination of low-fi folk and country found an audience
with their single “Home”, an international success that went top 10 on
the American Adult Alternative chart, and climbed to number 7 in France, and
top 40 in several more European countries. The song was used in numerous television
shows and commercials, and set the stage for their 2012 follow-up Here,
which was number 5 on the regular album chart and topped the Indie chart. Their
self-titled 2013’s release was another top 20 Indie album, and featured the
successful single “Better Days”. After some time off and numerous
personal turnovers, the band returned in 2016 with PersonA, a communally
focused record that pointedly crossed off “Edward Sharpe and” from the band’s
name on the album cover. It brought them their fourth straight top 20 placement
on the Indie Album chart.