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Ocean Alok, Zeeba, IRO 02:54
Love Is A Temple IRO 03:17
Table For 2 Alok, IRO 02:56
Ocean Alok, Zeeba, IRO 03:18
Fake Chemistry IRO 02:37
Yesterday's News IRO 02:45

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We may look, sound and talk different but we understand each other. We relate, feel and love one another. I don’t really know how to deal with where the future is headed. I try to be present. When I’m in, I’m in. I surrender to the moment. Only then am I really truly here. I keep learning this. That’s what this is to me. I have nothing more than now. Nothing more than our time together even if its short. I’m writing my bio now...I guess I’m telling you what I’m feeling exactly when I’m feeling it. Tell you what. It’s a big one but I promise to always be honest with you. Even when it aint pretty. Well that felt nice.