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Free music streaming

Listen to music for free and enjoy other audio content anytime, anywhere.

Millions of tracks and more

Discover millions of tracks and podcasts, plus extra content exclusive to Deezer.

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Enjoy your own set of smart playlists with recommendations made just for you.

Favorites in one tap

Pick and play the tracks you want from your favorite artists in select playlists.

Create your playlists

Add music and podcasts to your favorites and create your own playlists.

Tailor-made features

Switch between your phone, tablet, desktop and other supported devices.

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1 app. Millions of tracks.

Uncover all the songs you love and discover tracks you never knew you needed — what more could you want from a free music streaming app?

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Get your own smart playlists.

Your smart playlists on the Music tab will serve up recommended tracks based on your music taste.

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Stay informed and entertained.

Enjoy a curated selection of podcasts, live radio and more. Browse by topic or what's trending, and find recommendations made for you.

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Catch songs in the wild.

Want to identify a song playing around you? Tap SongCatcher and let it work its magic.

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Sing along in real-time.

Nail the chorus to any song with Lyrics. Belt out the words with friends, and share your favorite verses.

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Keep your favorites with you.

Switch between your phone, tablet or laptop, or sync to any of our supported home devices.

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