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Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Leave your phone at home and enjoy the Deezer app with just your Apple Watch. Before you set off, download any playlist solely from your Apple Watch and listen in offline mode. With remote mode, you can access the Deezer app using your Apple Watch. Listen to music and podcasts, find your Flow, and scroll through recently played tracks all on the go. Using the Deezer app with your Apple Watch gives you a state-of-the-art experience.

For iOS 15 or higher.

App Store


Download your favorite playlists and songs on your Garmin smartwatch. Listen to music straight from your wrist while you’re on the move and never be without your tunes.

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Wear OS by Google

Wear OS by Google

Control your phone's Deezer app from your wrist. Choose your music, change the volume and more on your watch.

For Android 6 or higher.

Google Play Store
App StoreGoogle Play Store


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