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Deezer Premium

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• Download your music
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How does your 1-month trial work?

Why choose Deezer Premium?

Play on demand

Play what you want, enjoy unlimited skips, and craft your own collection of music, podcasts, and more.

Ad-free experience

Stream all your favorite audio content without a single ad interruption.

Offline listening

Download your music and podcasts, and listen without connection.

High Fidelity sound

Listen to FLAC music in High Fidelity sound as if you were right in the recording studio.

Cross-device listening

Switch between your phone, tablet, desktop and other supported devices.

Tailor-made features

Identify tracks or sing along to your favorite songs with built-in features like SongCatcher and Lyrics.

Choose what you listen to. Ad-free.

With millions of tracks, podcasts, radio and more, there's something for everyone.

Listen ad-free, skip as much as you want, and craft your own collection.

Listen offline.

Saving data? No WiFi? No problem. Download your favorite music and podcasts and listen anytime, anywhere.

Discover offline

Meet your music matchmaker.

You listen. You love. We learn.

Our music app brings you the most personalized recommendations, so that your life gets the soundtrack it deserves.

Discover Flow

Tune in to your favorite hosts.

Find whatever speaks to you from our ever-growing catalog of audio content. Browse popular podcasts near you or check out daily recommendations in our dedicated Podcasts tab.


The Daily


TED Radio Hour


Radio Ambulante


The Ben Shapiro Show


Pardon My Take



Never stop discovering.

Identify songs playing around you instantly with SongCatcher. Save your finds to your favorites, or add it to your playlists.

Discover SongCatcher

Get the words right every time.

Singing along just got easier with Lyrics. Just tap the mic, keep the beat, and share the verses you love.

Discover Lyrics

Sync up your life.

Switch between phones, tablets or laptops, or sync to a wide range of home devices and game consoles.

Heading out? Seamlessly connect your smartwatch or car system with your account to take your music on the go.

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Annual -25%

Deezer Premium

1 month free

Then $11.99/month
Cancel anytime.