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Hip Hop Hooray Naughty by Nature 04:27
O.P.P Naughty by Nature 04:31
Feel Me Flow Naughty by Nature 03:35
Holiday (feat. Phiness) Naughty by Nature, Phiness 04:08
Pin the Tail on the Donkey Naughty by Nature 03:47
Jamboree (feat. Zhané) Naughty by Nature, Zhané 03:34
Craziest Naughty by Nature 04:04
Hip Hop Hooray (Re-Recorded) Naughty by Nature 04:12
Everything's Gonna Be Alright Naughty by Nature 04:51
Radio (feat. Rustic Overtones) Naughty by Nature, Rustic Overtones 04:37

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Ring The Alarm


Dirt All By My Lonely


Holiday (feat. Phiness)


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Naughty By Nature are an American rap group whose lead vocalist, Treach, and his two bandmates, Kay Gee and Vinnie, built a reputation based on authenticity and sincerity. They have released several albums, one of which, 'Poverty's Paradise', was the first to win when the Grammy Awards introduced a prize for rap in 1995. It also featured the single 'Feel Me Flow', which went to number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The three New Jersey-born artists first started performing together in 1988 with the name The New Style and released an album the following year titled 'Independent Leaders' with a single, 'Scuffin' Those Knees' that gained further attention. With a name change to Naughty By Nature, in 1991 the group charted at number six on the Hot 100 with the single 'O.P.P.', which sampled 'ABC' by the Jackson 5. The track, which appeared on a self-titled album that year, also gained traction thanks to its use on popular television series such as 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' and 'The Office'. The 'Naughty By Nature' album helped the trio to win the favourite new artist prize at the 1992 American Music Awards.

A single titled 'Uptown Juice' was used on the soundtrack of the feature film 'Juice' in 1992 and Treach's cameo role in the film led to further acting appearances including 'The Meteor Man' in 1993 with his fellow group members. The album '19 Naughty III' peaked at number one on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart and number three on the Billboard 200 in 1993. Grammy-winner 'Poverty's Paradise' reached number one on the R&B/Hip-Hop Chart and number three on the Billboard 200 two years later. The band has been mostly quiet after the release of its seventh album, 'Anthem Inc.' in 2011 apart from appearances at Fenway Park in Boston and Asbury Park in New Jersey. To celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2016, the band made a video of 'God Is Us' from the 'Anthem Inc.' album available via YouTube.