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Wherever You Will Go The Calling 03:28
Wherever You Will Go The Calling 03:18
Adrienne The Calling 04:30
Our Lives The Calling 03:54
Things Will Go My Way The Calling 03:59
Could It Be Any Harder The Calling 04:40
Stigmatized The Calling 04:28
Unstoppable The Calling 03:57
Anything The Calling 04:05
Things Don't Always Turn Out That Way The Calling 04:11

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Nothing's Changed
Wherever You Will Go
Could It Be Any Harder

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The American rock band The Calling were formed in 1996 in Los Angeles by the band's frontman Alex Band and guitarist Aaron Kamin. The group were originally called Generation Gap, which then became Next Door until finally in 1999 they settled on The Calling.

Music fans, particularly in the US will always associate the band with their 2001 single 'Wherever You Will Go'. The track was the lead single off the band's debut album 'Camino Palmero' and it became one of the defining alternative rock songs of that year after it spent an astonishing 23 weeks at number one in Billboard's Adult Top 40 making it the second longest chart-topping run in the history of the chart.

Helped by the success of the single, 'Camino Palmero' eventually went on to sell in excess of five million copies. Behind the scenes, some of the various personnel involved with the band had become unhappy, particularly with the management of the group and royalty payments and this led to a partial break-up. The Calling's second album, 'Two', didn't perform as well as the debut and after a world tour Band and Kamin decided to call it a day and split up.

Band pursued a solo career until 2013 when he reformed the band with a new line-up, though it was a short-lived project and within a year they'd broken up again. It was announced in 2017 that Band had assembled a new group and would be releasing an album at some stage in the foreseeable future.