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Monika Ulli Martin 03:55
Ich träume mit offenen Augen von dir Ulli Martin 03:37
Monika Ulli Martin 03:54
Griechischer Wein Ulli Martin 04:04
Du musst nicht weinen Ulli Martin 03:41
Ich liebe dich Ulli Martin 03:22
Monika Ulli Martin 03:57
Zigeuner der Liebe Ulli Martin 03:51
Weisse Segel Im Wind (Sail Along Silvery Moon) Ulli Martin 02:57
Schön war die Zeit in Ohio Ulli Martin 02:46

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Du musst nicht weinen
Nur ein Flirt
Ein Traum wird wahr
Schön war die Zeit in Ohio

Für jede Stimmung


Ulli Martin – born Hans Ulrich Wiese on July 19, 1946, in Osnabrük, Germany – is a pop and schlager singer. His musical career began in the 1960s as a member of the Bats, a German beat group. He recorded a few demos for his mother, which made their way to music producer Leo Leandros. Impressed by Ulli Martin’s voice, Leandros signed him to a record contract and produced a few singles, which did not fare well on the charts. However, in 1971, his single “Monika” climbed to the Number 2 position on the German Singles chart. His next single, “Ich träume mit offenen Augen von dir” (1971) reached Number 3, followed by 1972’s “Du mußt nicht weinen” (Number 10). Producer Leo Leandros began to focus his attention elsewhere and Ulli Martin was given second-rate material to record. After 1974’s “Mariann, Mariann”, which reached Number 42, he released a series of singles and albums up through 1990 but none of them charted.